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Beyond Animal Venture Scouts

Venture Scout Program brings together established and emerging investing professionals interested to advance their skills and track record as early-stage investors in animal-free and cruelty-free companies.


Become a Venture Scout


To build a kinder, cleaner, healthier world, we at Beyond Animal have built technology to facilitate investments in animal-free businesses. With more than 5000 businesses and 1100 investors on the platform, we are making it possible for all actors in the animal-free ecosystem to collaborate towards our shared goal of zero animal exploitation.

We want to work with future venture leaders, especially those poorly represented within venture capital, to engage with us to bring about more and bigger deals and accelerate our shared mission.

How to Apply

Do you have multiple connections with companies in the animal-free ecosystem? Do you become aware of raises and can supply details of these raises to Beyond Animal? Do you know investors who want to invest in animal-free deals?


Apply by completing the form available at the button and reviewing the terms.

Or if you are know someone who could be a great fit, share this page with them!

What does Venture Scout get?




  • Tapped for writing, speaking engagements & PR opportunities.

  • Opportunity to work with global investors and startups in alt-protein and material innovation

Share your experience with like-minded professionals interested in an animal-free world.

Gain from the experience of other venture scouts in the program.

Get rewarded for your work through a shares of conversion and performance fees

Executives at Work

What does a Venture Scout do?

  • Recommend companies and investors to Beyond Animal that are aligned to the vision and mission, i.e., building and investing in animal-free ventures.

  • Direct companies to register their raises on the Beyond Animal platform by filling the form

  • Direct companies to purchase a Business Membership using a discount code personal to you.

  • Direct investors to register on the Beyond Animal platform by filling the form

  • Direct Investors to purchase an Investor Membership using a discount code personal to you.

Have any questions?

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